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pines Vertical Press Tooling

Compression bending is the method used on bending presses as well as on some applications of rotary benders. Work is wrapped around a bending form (punch die) by a pivoting wiper shoe (wing die) as the bending form is driven downward. All punch and wing dies are made from tool steel hardened to Rc 58/62 for long lasting durability.

Punch Die

The punch die is the primary tool around which the tube is formed to produce a specific bend radius. Generally, the tube groove is equal in depth to half of the tube diameter modified with a radial pinch to prevent wrinkling on the tube in the bend area. The die must also be capable of producing the desired bend angle plus overbend for springback compensation.

Wing Dies

Wing dies function as containment tools for the tube during the bending cycle. Throughout this cycle, the pivoting of the wing die is restrained by hydraulic pressure. This cushioning resistance confines the workpiece in the dies, thereby controlling metal flow.


Pines Engineering offers many different configurations of press tools for all different shapes:  Round, 2 at a time round, washout round, square, washout square, crush, collapse and extrusions. All of which have been successfully compression bent on vertical presses.


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