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Single Finger Tooling

Square and rectangular tubing present challenges that do not occur when bending round tubing.  The inside wall of the square tube tends to grow or expand vertically during the bending process and clings to the cavity of the bend die. Therefore, provisions must be made to strip or remove the part from the bend die after the bend is complete. This is especially important if a CNC bender is being used. The ideal method for bending square tubing entails the use of a bender equipped with an under nose split die actuator. The actuator lifts the top half of the bend die after the bend is made which facilitates an easy removal of the bent part. Unfortunately, few benders are equipped with this option so single finger tools must be utilized. Single finger tools utilize a finger attached to a flat clamp and pressure die.  The finger fills a void in the bend die cavity above or below the part. After a bend is made the clamp and pressure die open, exposing the void so the part can be easily removed and/or re-positioned for the next bend.


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