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Reverse Interlocking Draw Bend Tools
U.S. PATENT 3457753

Originally designed and patented by H&H Tooling in 1963, Interlock tooling is distinctive due to its self-aligning rail design. Since the clamp die and pressure die interlock with the bend die, tool alignment is automatic reducing set-up time and material scrap.  Interlock tooling also virtually eliminates tool marking because the pressure die weight is self-supporting at the bend tangent. The constant alignment during bending helps compensate for machine wear and material inconsistencies. Interlocking bend, clamp and pressure dies are made to precision specifications. Tracking concentricity of +/- .001 per lineal foot between rails and tube groove centerline is maintained. Interlock tooling is available in reverse interlock design and can be made to fit most benders.

Lip extension is an added feature to interlock and standard tooling. Lip extension is essentially a tube groove that is deeper than half depth in the bend die and wiper die. It is used to reduce or eliminate tool marking that occurs at the parting line of the tooling. It is usually incorporated in thin wall applications to prevent the tubing from extruding at the vertical parting line of the tools.


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