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Pines CNC Bending Machine and Pipe Loading SystemPines ships huge pipe bending machine to Indian power generation equipment maker.

Pines Engineering, a Westlake, OH manufacturer of pipe bending machinery, has almost completed its contract to supply 10 heavy duty pipe bending machines to Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL). BHEL is an integrated power generation equipment supplier and one of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies in India.

The benders are being installed at BHEL’s High Pressure and Seamless Tube Plants in Tamilnadu and Ranipet in the southeastern part of India. They will bend pipes ranging from 75 to 250mm in diameter.

The CNC 250 is the largest of these benders both in capacity (pipes up to 250mm) and in sheer weight, coming in at over 97-tons!

In order to maximize production, the bender was ordered with a pipe loading system that can handle pipe bundles weighing 20-tons and up to 8-meters in length. Shorter pipes can be loaded in the front of the carriage. Longer pipes load from the rear.

To prevent wall thinning when pipes are bent, the CNC 250 bender is equipped with a 55,000-lbf. Pressure Die Assist (PDA) Booster. This is a critical requirement for high pressure, energy-related pipe bending applications. Pines has done extensive research on the variables that cause wall thinning and this experience has been incorporated into its booster systems. Tool design, boost pressure, speed and boost sequence are all controlled to produce optimum bending results. Pines Engineering originally developed the PDA Booster for the US Navy and it is now fitted to a variety of Pines machines.

Controlling the bending operations is a Pines TS 2000 Touch Screen PC-based CNC Control. The control features a user-friendly interface, high resolution graphics, on-screen diagnostics, help screens, owners manual with machine blue prints, and links to Pines Service, Sales and Tooling Departments. The control can network with other benders, CMMs and BHEL master computers.

Ian Williamson, Pines CEO said, “We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with BHEL as they develop power generation equipment and solutions for the fast growing Indian economy.


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