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Frequently Asked Questions

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Service & Spare Parts:

How do I make a request for technical support?
Contact Pines at (440) 835-5553 and ask for the service department. Have your machine serial number handy. You can also send an e-mail through our website

Do you have agents for local service and support in my area?
Yes. Please contact us for your local distributor. return to top I have a 1947 Pines bender do you still service this? YES! Pines service engineers can repair any vintage Pines bender. Pines may not be able to service machines that have been modified by third parties or have non-Pines controls.

How can I get Pines Service Technician to visit my facility?
Contact Pines at (440) 835-5553 and ask for the service department. Have your machine serial number handy. You can also send an e-mail through our website. We can schedule a service engineer with a credit card or Purchase order.

Do you offer service plans or extended warranties?
YES! Contact Pines at (440) 835-5553 and ask for the service department. Have your machine serial number handy.

My Machine just arrived from the factory what should I do now?
Consult your owner's manual which shipped with the machine. You will need to have the machine located in place, utilities run to the machine, and hydraulic fluid. After leveling and locating the machine in place please contact the service department to schedule your installation.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for spare parts?
You need to have the bender serial number and the Pines part number you want. If you are not sure of he part number our service or parts department can help you identify it.



Coordinate Measuring Machines:

Can I connect my CMM to your bender?
Pines currently accepts communications from Faro™, Romer-Cimcore™, and Supravision™ part formats.

Can I import part data from my CAD package?
Yes. Various CAD packages are available. Please consult with your Pines Sales Engineer for more information.

Does Pines offer CMMs?
Yes. Pines exclusively offers Faro® Metrology equipment for your measurement needs.



Owner Information:

Can I still get an owner's manual for my old Pines bender?
YES! Just contact the parts department and give them the serial number of the machine.




What kind of tools do you make?
Pines' H&H Tooling division designs, and manufactures tooling for all makes and models of bending machines. We currently produce bend dies, mandrels, mandrel linkage, ball segments, wiper dies, wiper tips, wiper recuts, pressure dies, clamp dies, inserted and extrusion tool sets.

Do you make tooling to fit my machine (not a Pines bender)?
Yes we do. Your tool engineer may ask you for some dimensions in order to propose and or build tooling for your machine.

If I send you a sample part can you quote tooling to make this on my equipment?
Yes. Please, contact the sales department for more information.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for bender tooling? Typically you will need to provide the material type, wall thickness, bend radius, maximum degree of bend, and minimum distance between bends.

Why do I have to send a sample tube? Sample tubes are requested in order to properly size your mandrel to your tube. The tooling engineer will design the mandrel so that the clearances required will deliver the best possible bend quality.




What CAD packages do you use?
The Pines engineering team currently uses ProEngineer (Wildfire 3.0), Solidworks (v 2011) and CADKey (2D).



Sales & Marketing:

Why do Pines machines cost more than some other brands?
When you consider the total life cycle (about 20-25 years before rebuilding) the upfront cost of a Pines bender can be expensive.

You will find that Pines machines are among the most cost effective benders on the market. A Pines bender is an investment with a relatively low cost of ownership.

Should you wish to sell your used Pines bender you will find that the resale value of your machine is the highest in the industry. Only BRAND NAME components are used for ease of maintenance and worldwide replacement availability. IE Parker Hannifin, Bosh Rexroth, Allen Bradley, Square-D, GE, Lincoln Electric.

Why does my new Pines bender look the same as my 10-year-old one?
The appearance might be the same but the machine controls are 21st century and take advantage of all the latest, but well proven, technology available to the industry. Also, the physics haven't changed. A Pines machine design was well thought out with the customer in mind.

  • It is simple and easy to maintain.
  • It is strong and allows less than "ONE D" bending.
  • It last for years.
  • Pines is the only manufacturer that will customize a standard machine to suit application or specific customer requirements.

Pines offers a range of bending machines that use perfectly good design criteria and can be used for specific applications, particularly thin wall tube requirements.

When would I choose a tube bender powered by hydraulics, or electricity, or a hybrid?
It's application specific, for example:

  • For large heavy wall applications you would choose a hydraulic bender.
  • For high speed and light bending applications you would choose all electric.
  • For multi-radius applications you could choose a hybrid or all hydraulic bender.

Does Pines make electric benders?
Yes and No. Pines Technologies' line of small CNC benders have all servo axes driven electrically (Y, B, and C) yet use pneumatic or hydraulic pressure for the tooling movements.

What is the difference between an electric and hydraulic bender?
Most "Electric" benders feature a bend arm driven by a servo motor through a gear box. A conventional hydraulic bender uses a hydraulic cylinder and a chain (link or silent) to drive the bend arm. Generally the hydraulic bender is more cost effective initially and in the long run. Both systems use similar electronics for swing arm feedback so there is no gain in accuracy.

Electric benders typically have a large gearbox directly under the nose of the machine which limits under nose part clearances.

What are the advantages of an OEM rebuild?
No other rebuilder has the knowledge of your specific machine more so than Pines. We have access to all of the original records, specifications, engineering data, and fixtures available to bring your bending machine back into top operating condition.

Do you work with governments?
Pines often works with US and foreign governments or their agents to supply machines for government use.

Is Pines a GSA Vendor?
Yes. Please, contact Kile Snyder for more information.

What comes with my machine when I buy it?
Your sales engineer will provide an order verification for your review after it has been processed.

What types of industries do you serve?
Pines benders can be used in almost any industry that requires precision bent parts. These can be in tubes, pipe, solids, or extruded shapes. Pines can equip their machines with a wide variety of options to better tailor the machines for a specific industry or need.

Do you install the machines that you sell?
All new Pines benders come with a Service Engineer to provide help during the initial setup, and training for your operators and maintenance department.




What are your hours of operation?
Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8AM - 5PM Eastern Standard time. The manufacturing department second shift runs from 4:15PM - 2:45AM EST.

What type of manufacturing facilities do you have?
Pines currently operates in 2 facilities in Northeast Ohio. The headquarters and main manufacturing plant is located in a 50,000 sq ft facility. Our Large equipment is manufactured in 20,000 sq ft Plant 2 located in Cleveland, Ohio.

How many machines have you made?
Pines has produced in excess of 30,000 machine tools for tube and pipe bending, cutting, and end forming.




Why do you make your own controls?
We have learned a lot about bending in our 65 years. By manufacturing our own controls we know exactly how something works and why it should. This makes troubleshooting much easier. We can also add features to make the machines more usable for special applications. And, of course, we can service and support any of these controls. Making your own controls also prevents situations arising from a repair standpoint.

Is it the third party control or the machine manufacturers responsibility to repair and service the unit? If it comes from the same manufacturer then there is never a conflict when service is required.

Can I retrofit my machine with the latest control?
Normally yes. Some electrical and or hydraulic modifications may need to be made to your machine in order to accept the new control. Your Pines Sales Engineer will guide you through the process and present you with options that suit your particular machine.

Are you willing to modify your controls and machines for my application?
Yes. As long as the modification is determined to be safe for the operators, and does not violate safety regulations.

Is my old control / machine safe to use?
Many advances have been made in control technology throughout the years providing a more robust level of operator safety features. Pines is always interested in helping to identify specific operator safety enhancements and will be happy to assist you based upon your specific equipment, applications and part configurations.

Is my control still supported?
Chances are yes. We still carry an inventory of new and used control parts for most of the bender controls we have offered throughout the years. There may however be circumstances where a particular component is no longer manufactured, and or not currently in our stock system.


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